IRELAND - Almost all customers (94%) of the Irish Pensions Board ranked its overall performance as good, very good or excellent in a customer survey undertaken at the end of last year. The general public does not have a very good knowledge of the board, as 72% of the respondents to the general public survey had never heard of the board.

The results found that 61% of customers had contacted the Pensions Board, with 57%of them seeking information on pensions. Almost three quarters of the surveyed customers agreed that the board treats complaints in a proper way, understands the customer’s needs and has reliable and friendly staff.

The board commissioned the survey, carried out by The Adelaide Group, in order to judge its own performance in terms of its profile, the services it provides and how it fulfils its duties.

The board’s customers, potential customers and the public took part in the survey carried out by post, telephone and face-to-face around the country. The respondents included pensioners, trade union members, trustees, lawyers, accountants, brokers and actuaries, among others.