ITALY - The welfare and economy ministries are poised to create a new central archive to comprise information about employees and professionals required by law to join compulsory insurance or pension schemes, Ccppa.

The Ccppa is to be created by a joint decree of the welfare and economy ministries as a further way to scrutinise and monitor the way pensions are paid.

The exact nature of the information to be fed to the new archive will be identified by the welfare and economy ministries within two months of the pension reform’s coming in force.

Welfare minister Roberto Maroni and his counterpart at the economy ministry, Domenico Siniscalco, are expected to come up with a decision after consulting the pension-paying bodies involved.

The national private sector social security institute, Inps will be in charge of the Ccppa, which comes as an addition to the Casellario Centrale or central archive, also managed by Inps.

Every official body paying pensions is required by law to feed the central archive information on the nature of the pensions and the identity of the beneficiary.

The Ccppa, on the other hand, will gather data about professionals and employees adhering to compulsory pensions schemes, such as the general compulsory insurance for employees, Ago, or funds like public employees’ Inpdap and show-business workers, Enpdap.

As well as serving as an archive on pensions, pensioners or beneficiaries of insurance deals of these categories, the Ccppa monitors and checks that pension regulations are met.

It will also be in charge of writing at least once a year to workers to let them know about their pensions statement and calculating pensions.

A decree setting the rules is due to be issued within six months of the pension reform coming in force. Inps was unavailable for comment.