UK/GLOBAL – The London based Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) has created a new chapter in Japan, bringing the number of chapters worldwide to five.

Chairman of the new grouping is Michio Jikibi, who is currently executive officer head of alternative investments at Tokyo based Asahi Life Asset Management.

AIMA, an international trade association made up of 300 worldwide members, seeks to promote and assist in the development of the alternative investment industry.
Members include fund managers, funds of funds, banks, brokers, exchanges, consultants, accountants, lawyers, fund administrators and other service providers.

The association commissions surveys, research, conferences, seminars and training programmes as well as distributing non-commercial and educational information about the alternative investment market.

The body is lead by a member nominated Council and is split into five chapters and a Council of Europe.
The five chapters are Australia, Hong Kong/China, Japan, Middle East and the US. Each chapter is made up of local players and created at the request of the country’s local financial community.