EUROPE - Cerulli Associates has closed its London office with the loss of three jobs.

“There were some redundancies,” said Thomas Marsh, associate director of international sales and marketing, adding that three jobs have gone. Two staff, senior analysts Shiv Taneja and Stephen Irving, would stay on in London, working from home or their own offices.

“We’ve just decided to lower our costs and run things out of Boston,” said Marsh, who is returning to Boston on Monday in a business development role.

The institutional consulting firm opened the London office in May 2000. “We’re not walking away from the international practice,” Marsh said, adding that clients were not worried by the move. The firm had a “sizeable number” of clients in Europe, though Marsh was not able to put a figure on it.

Cerulli provides financial institutions with guidance in strategic positioning and new business development. It’s known for the Cerulli Report and Cerulli Edge publications.