LUXEMBOURG – Fund group JP Morgan Fleming is adding to its ‘dynamic range’ of investment funds by introducing the JPMF US Dynamic Fund later this week, following the mould of the UK, Europe and global dynamic funds, which have raised 650 million euros since launch. It is targeted at both institutional level and retail investors.

The fund is designed to bring together the group’s “best US stock ideas” and holds around 100 different shares. It will be managed using a ‘barbell’ investment style, focusing on “best growth and best value stocks”, the managers said.

The investment process used is based “on the belief that fast growing cheap stocks with good newsflow tends to outperform slow growing expensive stocks with bad newsflow. In particular, the most attractive companies to invest in lie at either end of the stock market spectrum, at the extremes of growth and value,” JP Morgan Fleming said.

It is managed by the US retail group and overseen by Andrew Spencer, chief investment officer US retail business. The fund benchmark is the S&P 500. The fund is a Luxembourg, Sicav and is Ucits compliant.

The charging structure is related to amount invested. For class B shares the minimum investment is 5 million dollars, when there is no initial charge and the annual fee is 1.25%, with an 0.25% administration fee but no redemption charges; for class C shares the minimum investment is 10 million dollars, with no initial or redemption charge, an annual fee of 0.8% and an administration charge of 0.25%. The fund is available in dollar denomination only for this level of investment

Higher charges apply when investments are a minimum of 5,000 dollars and 10.000 dollars, but a euro denominated option is available.