UK - JPMorgan Fleming Asset Management has launched a new fund that seeks to provide institutional investors with full capital protection from stock market fluctuations.

The fund, the JPMF Capital Protection-Global Growth fund, aims to give investors total return growth, with performance linked to a globally diversified basket of JPMorgan Fleming funds.

The fund has been specially developed for investors to benefit from the investment growth potential of the stock market, whilst protecting their capital from stock market fluctuations.

Ann Roughead, JPMorgan Fleming's head of UK product development, comments: "This product is perfect for trustees and certain institutional clients where non-erosion of capital is paramount. JPMF Capital Protection-Global Growth enables them to gain exposure to the equity markets where normally such criteria would restrict them to bonds and cash investments.”

Unlike other protected products which are linked to indices or baskets of stocks, JPMF Capital Protection Global-Growth is linked to the performance of a basket of actively managed JPMF Funds.

The fund has a five-year fixed term, which matures on the 7th December 2006, and investors have between 22nd October and 5th December 2001 to invest.