JP Morgan’s investor services information products group has launched a new risk management and decision support database for institutional investors.

The CD-ROM, entitled Global Depository Reviews, contains information on the structure, practices and historical development of more than 100 depositary institutions around the world.

Mary Beth Campau, information products executive at J P Morgan Investors Services, says: “ There is a growing need for more timely, accurate and comprehensive cross-border content to support the evolving institutional investment marketplace. Global Depository Reviews puts the power of a robust database containing assessments of over 100 major depositaries around the world at the fingertips of institutional investors.”

The database was created using proprietary methodology to assess the depositaries’ core competency areas for asset keeping, which has been then rated against global “best practices,” the company says.
The search factors available within the program allow users to list the companies under name, region, country, depositary type or core competency rating.

According to J P Morgan, its information products group was formed last year for the purpose of developing information-based tools that would improve the portfolio performance and decision-making abilities of professional investors.