Kempen Capital Management (KCM) is to work with the Dutch pensions industry to raise awareness of long-term investment matters, launching a website to educate the sector.

The site, Shift To, hopes to educate all those involved in pension investment about the need for greater focus on the long term, Kempen said in a statement.

The venture will be supported by a thirteen-strong editorial board, including Dutch academic Lieke van der Lecq of the Free University Amsterdam and Keith Ambachtsheer of the Rotman School of Management, as well as union and pension fund representatives.

Ambachtsheer cited the importance of the pensions industry shifting to a more long-term view.

“The shift to long-term investment is not just possible, not just essential, but profitable,” he said.

“However, making the shift requires both novel thinking and daring action.”

Lars Dijkstra, CIO at KCM, added: “As a long-term, engaged shareholder, Kempen would like to contribute by giving that last little push needed to bring about a shift in the financial sector.”

Dominic Barton, global managing director at McKinsey & Company and a member of the editorial board, called for a shift away from “quarterly capitalism”.

“This shift is not just about persistently thinking and acting with a next-generation view, although that’s a key part of it,” he said.

“It’s about rewiring the fundamental ways we govern, manage and lead corporations. It’s also about changing how we view a business’s value and its role in society.”

McKinsey is also involved in the Focusing Capital on The Long-Term (FCLT) initiative, a group of some of the world’s largest pension investors wishing to bring about a change in behaviour.

The FCLT was behind the recent design and launch of a long-term equity index by S&P, supported by Denmark’s ATP and several large Canadian pension investors.