SWEDEN - Pernilla Klein, head of communications and corporate governance, at the third Swedish buffer fund AP3 is leaving to join the strategic communication firm Kreab.

Klein had been with the SEK212.2bn (€23bn) AP3 fund from the beginning when it was created in 2000. 

One of her most recent big corporate governance involvements for the fund was to engage in a dialogue with internet company Yahoo last year. AP3 told the group that it was worried about allegations that Yahoo supplied information leading to the detention of Chinese journalist Shi Tao.

In her new position, Klein will be responsible for all types of strategic corporate communications, "with a tilt towards corporate governance communication," she told IPE. Kreab operates globally with 150 employees in eight countries.

At AP3, the existing communications team consisting of Peter Lundkvist, senior strategist for asset allocation and corporate governance, Christina Kusoffsky Hillesöy, communications manager and head of SRI, and chief strategy officer Hans Lindberg.