UK – Law firm Linklaters' Pensions Litigation Group has launched a unique Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) training initiative, to provide practical advice to clients on IDR.

The service, aimed at avoiding and resolving pensions disputes, ranges from one-off seminars including practical 'best practice' advice, to tailor-made reviews of a scheme's existing IDR approach through analysis of past and even pending cases.

IDR, brought in under the Pensions Act 1995, is compulsory for UK pension schemes.
Linklaters says it is seeking to ensure that members of pension schemes feel satisfied and accept the IDR decision, while minimising the prospect of claims proceeding to the Pensions Ombudsman.
In cases that proceed to the Pensions Ombudsman, the firm aims to show trustees in the best possible light and position to defend the complaint.

Mark Blyth, head of Linklaters' Pensions Litigation Group, comments: "If IDR is to work for the benefit of the scheme and its members, it is
essential to get the most out of the process - it is after all the last
opportunity to resolve disputes 'internally'. In addition, all to often when
we become involved, there has already been an overly defensive approach
taken or unhelpful documents have been generated, which can put the scheme
on the back foot before the Pensions Ombudsman."