SWEDEN- Swedish Consultant Bohman & Lindstrom, formerly known as Lindstrom & Partners, is broadening activities from straightforward advisory services and taking more responsibility for client’s portfolios with the launch of what it calls PAF, or Portfolio Assembling Factory.

Originally Lindstrom & Partners provided advisory services and was masterminded by Sverker Lindstrom but it has now announced it is to offer more services in running client portfolios.

As part of the expansion, Richard Kiw has been hired as the new managing director. Prior to joining, Kiw worked as a management consultant in London dealing predominantly with financial clients.

Says Kiw: “what we are good at is knowing how institutions should allocate their assets to meet a specific goal.” Under PAF, managers and products are selected according to four categories- fixed income, structured instruments and active and passive equity management- and to four regions- Sweden, Europe, US and Japan.

“We provide the whole chain of services that institutions need to make their portfolio management more efficient. We now do everything except manage the assets,” he says. In practice this entails procurement, manager selection and reporting.

Sverker Lindstrom, the previous managing director and co-founder with Johan Bohman, will work as a board member and focus on business development. Ake Alteus, deputy executive director at the Nobel Foundation, has joined as chairman of the board.

Bohman & Lindstrom has also launched what it calls an asset manager relations department that is the first point of entry for investment managers. Magnus Linnersand and Fredrik Sanden, both existing employees of the company will run the department and monitor the appointed managers.