The €344bn asset manager and pensions provider APG has launched a pilot project to start a dialogue with Dutch consumers on pensions, insurance and other financial issues.

During the next half year, APG’s marketing, communications and distribution department is to enter into dialogue with 450 members of the public. 

But the pilot, called Indialoog’, must make clear whether such an exchange of thoughts will be a good way of involving people in the development of new products and services, said Raoul Willms, strategic marketing manager at APG.

He said Indialoog aimed for a broader discussion than merely the “relatively limited enviroment of pension funds”.

“For example,” he said, “we want to find out whether someone’s attitude towards pensions is linked to age and the used information channels, and how someone assesses a pensions institution.”

During the pilot, Indialoog wants to learn about an employer’s role in pensions and to establish how the subject of pensions can be made more attractive. 

APG will also try to find out where the public is seeking information about pensions, and which information people expect to find.

Participants in the consumer community dialogue can also add themes.

Willms said the pilot would be considered successful if it provided new insights, and if people continued discussing new subjects.

In that event, he said, Indialoog will be rolled out nationwide.

Willms added that APG would share the outcome of a permanent panel with the pensions sector.