Alternative investment firm MAN has launched its fourth hedge product in the Man-IP 220 Plus series.

The Man-IP 220 Plus (series 4) follows series 3, which was launched earlier this year, and raised over US$ 430 million – a record for Man’s guaranteed products.

The firm says the product is likely to be of interest to investors that are disappointed in current long only traditional fund management techniques and are looking for further diversification of their investment portfolios
The new fund is available in two classes of bonds, and targets returns of 18-20% for US$-Class Bonds and 17-19% for Euro-Class Bonds, while aiming to restrict the associated level of risk.
Christoph Moeller, sales and marketing director of Man Investment Products, comments: “Series 4 continues the solid pedigree established by our investment products over the years. The Man-IP 220 Plus structure is based on a tried and tested investment approach which has produced substantial returns since the first series started trading at the end of 1996”.

Man-IP 220 Plus (series 4) Limited will be available to investors from 27 August to 5 October, with a possible extension to the offer period.