There are several live tenders on IPE Quest, including a €300m emerging markets all-caps equity mandate from an institutional investor in the Benelux region.

According to QN-2766, the strategy should track the MSCI Emerging Markets ex-Asia Index. The investor prefers a fundamental bottom-up strategy, the notice said. The deadline to apply for this mandate has also been set for 6 June.

Separately, a pension fund based in Switzerland has issued several requests for information for ESG bonds strategies via IPE’s Discovery service. According to search DS-2774, the fund is seeking managers for a global convertible bonds ESG strategy to run a pooled (active or passive) mandate worth at least CHF15m.

For search DS-2773, the scheme is seeking managers for a global emerging markets (EM) ESG corporate bonds brief worth CHF20m (€14.6m), tracking the Bloomberg MSCI EM Hard Currency Corporate Sustainability Index or the MSCI EM Hard Currency Corporate SRI Index.

Search DS-2772 is about a CHF20m developed markets ESG corporate bonds mandate, tracking the Bloomberg MSCI Global Corporate SRI Index or the Bloomberg MSCI Global Corporate Sustainability Index.

The Swiss pension fund is also seeking for managers for a CHF15m global ESG high yield bonds strategy (DS-2771), following the Bloomberg MSCI Global High Yield SRI Index or the Bloomberg MSCI Global High Yield Sustainability Index.

Applicants have until 9 June, 5pm UK time, to file their submissions for this particular pension fund.

Commodities mandate

Separately, a pension scheme based in Austria is seeking to appoint a manager for a commodities mandate worth between €5m and €10m. The search (QN-2770) is being conducted by consultancy Kottmann Advisory AG in Zurich, together with MFC Mikulik Finance Consulting GmbH in Vienna.

“We are looking for funds which invest solely in renewable energy – not companies but real renewable energy – if you have such a fund please submit details,” the notice said.

Funds should have at least two different commodities groups – for example, energy, metals, grains, softs, livestock, it added. Participating managers have until 6 June, 5pm UK time, to apply.

Canadian equity brief for Swiss investor

Another institutional investor in Switzerland is looking to tender a CAD120-170m (€88m-€125m) Canadian equities mandate. According to search QN-2765, the investor would prefer a bottom-up strategy where stock picking/selection drives returns, regardless of broader philosophy and investment process.

“ESG integration and capabilities will be a key evaluation criterion throughout the process,” the investor said. “While we don’t know yet the ultimate ‘format’, our planned mandate will involve ESG integration, whether it is managing the strategy against an ESG benchmark, integrating our ESG framework into the strategy or simply using an existing ESG strategy on your side.”

The deadline for this brief has also been set for 6 June.

The IPE news team is unable to answer any further questions about IPE Quest, Discovery, or Innovation tender notices to protect the interests of clients conducting the search. To obtain information directly from IPE Quest, please contact Jayna Vishram on +44 (0) 20 3465 9330 or email

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