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  • IPE Dec 2023 Class Actions supplement cover
    Special Report

    Class actions by European investors on the rise in the name of good governance and fiduciary duty

    December 2023 (Magazine)

    Deepwater Horizon, Volkswagen (Dieselgate), Wirecard, Silcon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse are recent, high-profile examples of corporate wrong doing resulting in losses for investors. As stewards of retirement savings and guardians of beneficiaries’ interests, it is only natural that pension funds should scrutinise the investments they are making – or outsourcing to asset managers to make – on their members’ behalf. This is a central plank of fiduciary duty. 

  • ETFs supplement IPE October 2023
    Special Report

    ETFs Guide 2023: Innovation challenges concentration as investors spread their ETF wings

    ETF Guide (2023)

    ETFs’ steep upward trajectory continues, driven, as industry participants note, by their low cost, simplicity, and flexibility as an allocation tool. Globally the value of assets invested in ETFs, some $10.7trn (€10trn) at the end of August 2023, is 17.5% higher than at the same point in 2022, according to consultancy ETFGI. In Europe the increase was greater, at 20.8%, but from a much smaller base, with total investment in ETFs now standing at $1.7trn, with the lower take-up still being attributed to less favourable tax treatment.

  • ETF Guide 2022
    Special Report

    ETFs Guide 2022: Better tax treatment could prompt European ETF takeoff

    ETF Guide (2022)

    First the good news: Globally, investment in ETFs continues to surge, with the first half of 2022 seeing the second highest inflows on record. The flexibility and ease of access they offer helped them play an instrumental role achieving the highest volume fixed income trading day being recorded in June, as $58bn of assets were moved from EM debt and high yield into government bonds (see p7). This helped cement ETFs’ position as an essential tool of the fixed income ecosystem. 

  • Benchmarks and indices- caution prevails
    Special Report

    IPE ETF Investor Survey 2022

    ETF Guide (2022)

    IPE’s first survey of investors focusing specifically on ETFs, conducted between mid-July and mid-August 2022, drew responses from institutional investors across nine European jurisdictions, of which 24% were invested in ETFs. Respondents were located in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK. 

  • ETFs Guide 2021 intro
    Special Report

    ETFs Guide 2021: A story of scale, scope and sophistication

    ETF Guide (2021)

    In tandem with continued strong inflows, which you will see illustrated in granular detail in the data supplied by research and consultancy firm ETFGI at the back of this year’s ETF Guide, the scope of ETFs’ role is broadening with the adoption of what one asset manager describes as a ‘whole portfolio’ approach.

  • ETF Guide 2010
    Special Report

    Versatile and resilient on the path to maturity

    ETFs Guide 2020

    The ETF market continues its penetration across asset classes beyond equities, its traditional area of activity: According to data from ETFGI, fixed income ETFs account for the largest proportion of net new assets for the second year running and now represent 20% of the market, while commodities ETFs grew 30% in value in the year to July.