Dutch custodian Mees Pierson in-tends living up to its 'information bank' name by introducing and updating the on-line services available to clients.

Under the overall title of 'Intelligence Line', it is offering through its extranet system using the IBM Global Network, rather than the public internet, a widening range of information services, dubbed the Webank Infrastructure, designed to give global custody clients access to transaction systems and integrated information.

The added security of this system means that it provides excellent security" compared with the internet, according to the bank . It also means that the likelihood of the congestion slowing up the operation of the internet is eliminated and a superior service is offered to clients.

Currently, the 'Money Line' component of the service allows a range of payments and other transactions, including forex as well as cash management. New developments scheduled for this year are a global money management service, as well as a cash and treasury function.

The 'Asset Line' element comprises a number of services, including providing clients with overviews of their investment portfolios, with the ability to abstract their own reports, including charts and graphics. A 'watch dog' monitoring for investment portfolio guidelines breach is to be introduced this year. Also scheduled are increased interfaces with portfolio management systems, particularly Mabel and Camra.

Also part of AssetLine, the global settlements communicator package lets custody clients monitor the real time status of processing at any time, as well as initiating securities settlement instructions, on a straight through processing basis.

The 'News Line' service will early this year include a Reuters business briefing service."