Kosovo Pension Savings Trust (KPST) has launched three calls for bids for actively managed funds, including covering “megatrends”, via IPE Quest.

The initial investment amount is expected to vary anywhere between €20m and €60m, it said.

For the megatrends investments KPST has indicted that funds are expected to be invested in a diversified portfolio of equity or equity-related securities in thematic investments and secular trends “that are expected to change in a permanent way the structure and trajectory of the global economy in the future”.

The pension fund is also searching for active managers for sustainability, and energy transition and clean energy investments.

Those bidding for the sustainability funds should offer funds invested in a diversified portfolio of companies “with a measurable positive impact in society and the environment, with lasting business models, and that display profitability and resilience”.

The energy transition and clean energy funds should be invested in a diversified portfolio of equity or equity-related securities of companies that benefit from developments related to or engaging in renewables, energy efficiency, energy transition and clean energy.

The funds should aim for long-term capital growth.

Established in 2001, KPST is responsible for administering and investing the mandatory pension contributions of Kosovo employees and employers.

The bid submission deadline is 30 June. Interested parties should write to bids@trusti.org to obtain the bid documentation, which includes the full list of criteria and information on how to bid.

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