GLOBAL – Mercer Human Resource Consulting is to dissolve and re-deploy its international consulting team from January 2006 to “maximise its impact and potential”, according to an internal memo seen by IPE.

The move entails a change of jobs for international consultant head Giles Archibald.

“We will move our international consultants into our global business lines effective January 1 2006,” said new Mercer president Michael Caulfield in a staff e-mail.

Caulfield, 58, was appointed president a month ago and took over from Brian Storms, who has become chief executive of sister firm Marsh Inc.

Caulfield was formerly CEO of Prudential Investments and was previously chief operating officer of Mercer.

New York-based Mercer international consultant chief Giles Archibald will take on responsibility for global client development. He will also oversee the professional development of international experts in the retirement department.

“Over the next few weeks, the leaders of the businesses will work with Giles and the international team to confirm future roles and to engage with employees,” read the e-mail.

“Each international consultant will have the opportunity to confer with leaders on where they can make the biggest contribution,” Caulfield continued.

The majority of international consultants are to move from their current positions in the global market development to the retirement department. Other departments include Human Capital, Health, Benefits and Client Management – “all of which need strong global consulting capability”.

According to Mercer, the move is in keeping with its international development and expansion.

The spread of international consultants throughout Mercer will make it better equipped to deal with increasing client demands and be in keeping with its multinational image.

In his announcement, Caulfield said: “One of the issues often raised was that many of the global business lines have, as their major priority, the mission to drive multinational growth, requiring specific experience and skills to operate effectively at a global level.

“It is evident that the businesses need help achieving this, and our international group already has a team of people with this critical capability.”

Mercer told IPE that the shift wouldn't result in staff cutbacks. It also did not foresee any staff resignations.