DENMARK - Mercer Human Resource Consulting is to advise members of the Danish pension scheme of financial group Nykredit, which has launched a new pension option for its employees.

The deal is the first of its kind for Mercer’s Danish branch, a spokesman told IPE - adding that it might have similar opportunities in area in the future.

“Mercer sees a big need for institutional insurance advice, we can foresee that we could make similar deals,” the spokesman said.

He explained that the novelty is that Mercer will provide individual advice to Nykredit’s 3,000 pension scheme members. Nykredit, along with its traditional pension deal, has started a new pension arrangement.

Up to now Nykredit’s employees could sign up for an insurance policy with Nordea, but they can now keep their insurance policy and put additional savings in Nykredit Bank, which would act as asset manager.

Mercer will consult with employees as to whether they should stick to the traditional arrangement or switch to the new one.