Nasdaq, the tech stock exchange, has launched a new impact data tool with seven specialist partners to facilitate sustainable investment decisions.

The Nasdaq ESG Data Hub will use ESG and impact data from Equileap focusing on gender equality, Ecogain specialising in biodiversity, RepRisk, a reputational risk specialist, Munich Re for climate risk, Inrate for carbon emissions, Upright Project for net impact, and Clean Tech for renewable technology data.

The new platform aims to support investors in their sustainable investment decisions by connecting investors with these expert-led ESG and impact data sets providing detailed and tangible intelligence on companies’ in-depth and broad ESG profiles.

Through the ESG Data Hub investors are provided with a seamless, consolidated access to all these data points through a single interface. To support transparency and global comparability all data on the platform is connected to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Annu Nieminen, chief investment officer and founder of the Helsinki-based tech company Upright Project, said this partnership was the first step in the company’s mission to make its net impact data accessible globally to investors.

“This partnership enables asset owners and managers globally to easily access Upright’s data and start to use net impact data in their day-to-day investment decisions, development of new investment products, scenario testing and reporting,” Nieminen said.

Investors can use the new tool to build new investment products with a clear net impact goal, track the development of their investments over time, and stress-test the net impact of their investments against different sets of values held by different stakeholder groups, Nieminen added.

“As companies’ impact on environment, health, society and knowledge becomes increasingly important to investors in their decision making processes, we are excited to partner with Upright, a leading provider of intelligence used to quantify the net impact of companies”, said James McKeone, vice president and head of European data at Nasdaq.

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