FRANCE - Natixis Global Asset Management (NGAM) has acquired a majority stake in Paris-based Ossiam, an asset management start-up with a range of specialty ETFs based on quantitative and fundamental data.

The company plans to launch its first ETFs in Europe early next year, available through French funds, a Luxembourg SICAV structure or dedicated funds tracking customised indices tailored for specific institutional client needs.

Pierre Servant, chief executive at NGAM, said he wanted to develop specialty ETFs as "intelligent solutions" for clients rather than plain-vanilla products that replicate market-cap weighted indices.

"NGAM's investment in Ossiam recognises the importance of specialty ETFs as an additional source of diversification for our clients," he said.

"It is also a significant diversification of NGAM's successful multi-boutique structure."

Ossiam's four directors - including chief executive Bruno Poulin and deputy chief executive Antoine Moreau - will retain partial ownership once the deal has been completed, pending regulatory approval.

Poulin said Ossiam had ambitious growth plans - "both in terms of market reach and range of products" - and that his company's partnership with NGAM would allow Ossiam to achieve those plans.