UK  - A new investment advisory business has been set up to help mid-size companies cut their pension deficits.

Valiance says it has combined loan finance and a range of structured investment products to first reduce a pensions deficit, then ensure that scheme funding levels are maintained or improved still further.

The company believes that its combination of lending and structured investing is best suited to deficits of up to £50m, in schemes of up to £300m.

A release stated the service "will be particularly attractive to companies who are considering a sale or float but whose market value is undermined by a scheme deficit".

It would also interest private equity investors seeking to enhance the marketability and value of any business that they have invested in, which has a pension scheme deficit.

The company has been launched by David Hunter, an actuary who has previously worked in the institutional investment market with Mercer, Aon Consulting and Standard & Poor's.

His co-founder Ewan Stradling is a corporate financier who started his career with Henderson Crosthwaite.

Hunter said: "This approach gives corporates and trustees an attractive alternative to the typical approaches to LDI and matched solutions.

"For those with deficits to address, it is a cost effective, common sense way to deal with their specific challenges."