GLOBAL – A new online blog aimed at pension financial risk and fiduciary implications has been launched. has been set up by Dr. Susan Mangiero to “serve as a resource for trustees, board members, consultants, money managers, attorneys and regulators to explore important ideas about pension risk issues and best practices”.

The launch comes amid investigations from US authorities that have uncovered “a troubling lack of understanding among some fiduciaries as to what their responsibilities are" the site says.

Mangiero's blog includes commentary on these best practices, trends, research and recent articles with a primary goal of getting people to more clearly connect the pension governance dots.

Mangiero is author of ‘Risk Management for Pensions, Endowments, and Foundations (John Wiley & Sons, 2005)’ and numerous articles about risk, valuation and fiduciary implications.

“With over 20 years of experience in the areas of trading, risk control and valuation, she provides consulting for pension trustees, regulators, audit and compliance firms, hedge fund professionals, and attorneys,” a release stated.

Mangiero also provides a variety of litigation support services such as rebuttal analysis, damage calculation and expert witness testimony.

She says: "Waiting is not an option. Representing trillions of dollars, retirement trustees and related parties have the power to move capital markets and impact people's lives now and for years to come."