GLOBAL – There are four new searches - for global fixed income, enhanced equities, euro zone bonds and Russian equities - on IPE-Quest.

The first (QN600), for “substantially in excess of $100m (€84m)”, is being conducted by a continental European corporate pension fund.

It’s for actively managed, unhedged global fixed income with a stress on Europe. The mandate will be split between two or three managers and may be split geographically. The closing date for replies is March 17.

Then QN604 is being conducted by a consultant in the Netherlands on behalf of a Dutch pension fund for up to $50m in enhanced indexed global equities.

And QN605 is also being conducted by a consultant in the Netherlands for a Dutch pension fund. It’s for up to $50m in euro zone investment grade fixed income.

Search QN601 is for $50m+ in actively managed all-cap Russian equities, conducted by an investment company in the Middle East. This search closes on March 23.