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ATP’s main office in Hillerød, outside Copenhagen

​ATP rapped by FSA over past illiquid credit risk shortcomings


Danish pensions giant says some of the FSA-flagged issues already solved


BVV adds Barclays Hamburg branch to Pensionsfonds assets

2021-01-18T15:24:00+00:00By Luigi Serenelli

BVV has seen assets worth around €1bn outsourced to its Pensionsfonds since 2008

Climate cold glacier iceberg

​PFA’s climate pension product draws €400m in first six months


Firm says inflows show huge interest in putting savings to work for climate

PKA office

​PKA says infra, RE investments gave portfolio stability in stocks storm


Danish pension fund reports 5.3% return for 2020, below 7%on a 10-year average


Swiss union urges government to beef up AHV to close pension gender gap

2021-01-15T15:06:00+00:00By Luigi Serenelli

The gender gap becomes more noticeable for occupational pensions, with men receiving a median monthly pension of CHF2,217 and women CHF1,165