Nick Lyster

Nick Lyster is CEO of Principal Global Investors (Europe)

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    Research: Caution on the equity risk premium

    September 2015 (Magazine)

    In this second article in a series on a new study, Nick Lyster and Amin Rajan argue that artificially low interest rates have dragged the predictive power of the equity risk premium to near zero

  • Asset Class Reports

    Equity Investment: Is the cult of equities dying?

    July / August 2015 (Magazine)

    In this first article in a new series, Nick Lyster and Amin Rajan ask whether equities are in remission or revival

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    DC plans in search of credibility

    October 2014 (Magazine)

    Worldwide, diversity increasingly characterises defined contribution (DC) schemes. There are employee-managed plans in Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and the US. There are trustee-led plans in Australia, Brazil, Chile, continental Europe and South Africa. There are state-supervised DC plans in China, India, Malaysia and Singapore.  

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    Buy-and-hold birth pangs in Asia

    September 2014 (Magazine)

    In this second article on a new study, Nick Lyster and Amin Rajan debate that the notions of risk premia and time premia are slow to take root in the predominant savings culture of emerging markets.

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    Inflection point of emerging markets

    July 2014 (Magazine)

    In this article, the first in a series delving into a new study, Nick Lyster and Amin Rajan ask whether emerging markets are becoming yesterday’s story or are merely rebooting their growth engines before the next leap