SWEDEN – Nordic socially responsible investment consulting firm CaringCompany has changed its named to GES Investment Services.

“The aim is to strengthen the profile for an international expansion,” the company said on its web site.

Managing director Magnus Furugård said the rebranding would give it one trademark, and that it would “underline our role as a service company for investors”. GES stands for Global Ethical Standard, its key product.

“And we get a name that is internationally marketable,” he added. “Altogether, this will make it easier to communicate with the market and explain what we represent.”

In October the Norwegian ministry of finance said it would not continue the Petroleum Fund’s relationship with the firm, saying an internal committee was “highly critical” of a CaringCo. report. The company said the fund was only testing its product.

In March the company named Ingrid Jansson of SEB as its chairman and Sarita Bartlett, formerly of Storebrand, to its board. And it stated its aim to be the leading European SRI analysis company within three years.