NETHERLANDS - The percentage of over 60’s within the Dutch population is to increase by more than half to a total of 30% within the next 25 years, recent figures of Statistics Netherlands have revealed.

According to Statistics Netherlands, or CBS, the numbers of elderly will have reached 4.64m, or 27% of the population, in 2050. The estimated population by then will be 16.9m.

At present, the Netherlands has 16.3m inhabitants, of whom 3.11m, or 19%, are over 60. This percentage will gradually rise to 30% in 2032, and will remain at this peak for four years, CBS predicted.

A gradual decrease in the numbers of pensioners will start in 2036, when the expected percentage will drop to 29%.

The Dutch population will reach its maximum in 2035, with numbers totalling 17.05%, CBS added.