GLOBAL – The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has released its latest survey of global pension fund investment regulations.

The 25-page report looks at portfolio ceilings on investment by asset class and quantitative resections on foreign investment. It also includes additional quantitative restrictions classified by type of regulations. It includes all regulatory changes that took place during 2005.

The Paris-based body’s has been surveying the area since 2001.

“The questionnaire covers all types of private pension plans financed via pension funds,” the OECD says.

Where regulations vary depending on the type of plan (occupational, personal, mandatory, voluntary, DB, DC, etc), delegates are requested to identify the types of plan that the investment regulation applies to.

The information collected concerns all forms of quantitative portfolio restrictions (minima and maxima) applied to autonomous pension funds in OECD countries at different legal levels (law, regulation, industry norms, etc).

The OECD recently released its ‘Guidelines on Pension Fund Asset Management’.