NETHERLANDS – Holland’s foundation for raising pension awareness among Dutch employees, the Stichting Pensioenkijker, has launched a nationwide campaign to raise pension awareness among young workers.

The organisation said that a survey it had commissioned from the youth wing of CNV trade union found that three-quarters of young people aged between 16 and 28 have never actively thought about their income after retirement.

“Nevertheless they’d like to stop working at 60, and most of them expect a pension of 70% of their salary”, it said. “However, 50% of them don’t know anything at all about pensions, and 40% have only a little information on the issue.”

The Stichting Pensioenkijker added that its ‘Bring the Future Nearer’ initiative was supported by the pensions industry, trade unions and pensions minister Aart Jan de Geus.

The survey revealed that half of the youngsters expect their income after retirement would consist of a private pension supplemented by their own savings. Only one-third mentioned the Dutch state pension, or AOW.

In addition, young employees seriously underestimated the amount they needed to pay for their private pension and the AOW.

The focus of the campaign is on employees aged 25 who face a further 40 working years. The campaign is being conducted through radio commercials, text messages and a competition. The winner will be announced during a popular radio programme.

The initiative also includes a website which invites visitors to retrieve a personalised email from the future.