UK – Portfolio analytics provider StatPro says institutional investors such as pension funds and asset managers are showing a lot of interest in its new fixed income system.

It says it’s partly due to the shift of pension assets to bonds from equities.

StatPro Fixed Income was launched in February with the company saying it was designed to meet increased focus on bonds and fixed income investments. SFI is a yield curve-based attribution system.

Seven clients have signed up to use the service. Marketing director Elke Fidler told IPE they include: F&C Asset Management, Groupama Asset Management, Britannic Asset Management, Dexia Asset Management and the Canada National Railways Pension Trust Fund. Financial terms were not disclosed.

“Over the last few years, for a variety of reasons, many fund managers have increased their investments in fixed interest securities,” the Wimbledon-based firm says in its latest annual report.

“As a result, bond investments have grown rapidly and now often represent the bulk of asset managers’ portfolios.”

In addition to this were ever more complex instruments – making investment strategy more complex and analysis more important.