IRELAND - The Pensions Board is seeking five to six actuarial consultancy firms for future projects.

Similar to the existing legal and similar panels, the Pensions Board wants to sign framework agreements with several consultants who may then be able to provide input on future projects.

From this panel, the pensions body will choose the best fitting firm to help with research on topics including:

technical issues arising from the implementation of legislation; investigations into particular schemes in order to ensure compliance with legislation, and research into actuarial aspects of pensions provision, pension markets or pension policy.

The tender notice states recent examples of projects where actuarial input was required included an examination of the impact of FRS17 on pensions provision, a report on the funding standard, a report on the treatment of contingent assets in the funding standard, an investigation into the annuity market in Ireland and assistance in processing of extended funding proposal applications.

Deadline for participation in this tender is December 10.