UK – The Pensions Institute is to co-host a conference on longevity risk and capital market solutions in London in February.

The International Conference on Longevity Risk and Capital Market Solutions will take place on February 18 at the Cass Business School.

It will be hosted by the Pensions Institute, the American Risk and Insurance Association and the Centre for Risk and Insurance, Nottingham University Business School.

“As populations in countries around the world age, governments, corporations and individuals face increasing risk,” the institute says. “Pay-as-you-go state pensions and corporate pension plans are beginning to put severe financial pressures on governments and companies.

“Mortality improvements especially at older ages make it ever more likely that individuals with inadequate pension arrangements will end their lives in poverty.”

And it said: “The whole private sector pension system in developed economies like the United States and United Kingdom are potentially at risk without hedging instruments such as longevity bonds.”