PensionsEurope has teamed up with UK broadcaster ITN Productions Industry News to produce a news-style programme aiming to build awareness of the vital role played by workplace pensions and other employment-related retirement provisioning.

In a statement, PensionsEurope explained that the programme, dubbed “Investing in the Future”, would “shine a spotlight on the need for individuals to manage their own long-term financial security”.

“The population of Europe is ageing, and social security is creaking,” is the message in a trailer for the programme. In a statement, PensionsEurope highlighted projections that the population in the UK and the EU is set to increase to 520 million in 2070, but with significantly fewer people working.

Themes to be explored in the programme include awareness and education around pension opportunities and planning, the post-pandemic response and the effects on investments and pensions, the gender pension gap, and sustainable finance and the role of pensions in greening the economy. Cultural differences in the perception and management of pensions in Europe could also be explored. 

Launching at PensionsEurope’s annual conference in June, the programme will combine interviews with the pension industry’s leading figures, “news-style reports”, and sponsored editorial profiles. It will be anchored by an ITN Production Industry News presenter.

According to Matti Leppälä, secretary general of Pensions Europe, the association was approached by ITN and decided that partnering with them was a good opportunity to reach a wider audience with some important and positive messages about pensions.

“It is important for people to know and understand the challenges they will face with their pensions and to think what can and needs to be done,” he said.

PensionsEurope will support the programming by providing content ideas and connections to speakers.

The intention is for the programmes to be filmed by June, with dissemination the following months. Leppälä indicated the programmes would be available on ITN Productions’ media hub and on the PensionsEurope website.

See the trailer here: 

PensionsEurope Promo 2021 from ITN Productions on Vimeo.

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