UK - The former chair of the UK Pensions Regulator (TPR) David Norgrove is set to join PensionsFirst.

Norgrove, currently deputy chair of the British Museum, will oversee the consultancy's growth in the area of analytics, as well as risk-transfer services.

Timothy Lyons, chief executive at PensionsFirst, said he was "absolutely delighted" Norgrove would be joining the company.

"His unrivalled knowledge of the industry's needs will play an important part in the next stage of PensionsFirst's strategic development," he said.

Norgrove said he believed the pension market continued to lack affordable risk-transfer methods, something he hoped to address in his new position.

The regulator's first chairman, Norgrove served two three-year terms and announced last August he would be stepping down.

Michael O'Higgins, currently also chair of the Audit Commission, was announced as his replacement at the end of last year.

During Norgrove's time at the regulator, it has issued Belgian Michel Van De Wiele Group with its first contribution notice (

It also issued a Financial Support Direction (FSD) against 25 companies in the Nortel Group and Lehman Brothers.

Both companies later launched a court case disputing the FSDs, but lost in December.