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Danish FSA (Finanstilsynet) — Carsten Brogaard has been promoted to become one of the regulator’s four deputy director generals under the FSA’s director general Jesper Berg.

Effective 1 January, Brogaard is the deputy director general in charge of non-life and life insurance companies and labour-market pension funds. He has been head of the unit for supervision of labour-market pension funds, corporate pension funds and ATP, LD and Labour Market Insurance (Arbejdsmarkedets Erhvervssikring), having joined the FSA in 2011. In his new job, Brogaard replaces Jan Parner, who left to become senior vice president and head of the actuarial office at ATP. 

Meanwhile, Per Plougmand Bærtelsen, who has been head of the FSA’s unit for supervision of life insurance companies since 2008, has been promoted to the position of assistant director. He will continue working in his current area at the regulator. Two of the FSA’s four deputy director positions remain vacant.

Stiftung Auffangeinrichtung BVG – Frank Rietmann has become head of the finance and risk management division at the Swiss substitute occupational pension scheme. He worked at Basler Versicherung, an insurer, from 2004 to 2014 and subsequently joined Nationale Suisse, where he was chief risk officer.

Stiftung Auffangeinrichtung BVG, or Fondation Institution Suppletive LPP in French, is a Swiss federal government organisation that acts as a second pillar safety net. It accepts any employer and any individual that wants to join its benefits scheme, subject to statutory requirements being met. The foundation had CHF13bn (€12bn) of assets under management as at the end of 2016. 

Pensioenfonds Notariaat – The new €2.7bn Dutch pension fund for notaries and notary staff has appointed actuary and consultant Adri Jansen as board member, representing employees. Jansen had already been a member of the board for the notaries’ staff scheme, which merged with the pension fund for notaries last year. He will also become a member of the pension fund’s committee for asset management and balance management.

Jansen is to succeed Jan Loof, who has been involved in the pensions provision for notaries and their staff during the past 23 years. Niko van Niekerk has left Pensioenfonds Notariaat, having been the chairman of its supervisory board (RvT). He had chaired the RvT of the former pension fund for notaries during the past five years.

Pensioenfonds Medewerkers ApothekenHuub Overgaag has been elected to the board of the €2.8bn Dutch sector scheme for pharmacies’ staff, representing pensioners. His appointment is waiting for approval by supervisor De Nederlandsche Bank. Overgaag has been co-ordinator for labour matters at the pharmacies lobbying organisation KNMP.

BNY MellonDennis Presburg has joined the comapny as head of asset servicing business development for northern Europe, a newly created role. He will also lead asset servicing sales in Germany. Presburg was previously at State Street for 10 years, and before that he worked at Northern Trust and KAS Bank. 

Calvert – Anne Richardson has been appointed to the new role of chief operating officer at the responsible investment specialist and Eaton Vance subsidiary. She joined Calvert from Cambridge Associates, where she was chief operating officer, global investment research. She was previously associated with The Brookings Institution and The George Washington University, according to a statement from Calvert. Richardson will report to Calvert’s president and CEO, John Streur.

Smith & WilliamsonNick Murphy has been promoted to head of charities for the company’s investment management and banking division. He joined Smith & Williamson as a partner in the investment management team in 2012. The group had more than £1.9bn (€2.1bn) in charitable assets at the end of September, up from around £400m at the end of 2006.

Pensions Administration Standards Association (PASA) – The UK body dedicated to improving standards in pensions administration has created a working group focused on transfers. It is chaired by Gary Evans, board director at PASA, and counts 22 other members. The group’s creation comes as transfer requests have surged. Evans said: ”Our working group will be looking closely at all aspects of the supply chain to work through issues and produce solutions, as well as guidance to act as a reference point and create a smoother, more positive experience for all involved.”

TPT Retirement Solutions – The £9bn (€10bn) UK workplace pension scheme has appointed three new directors to its trustee board: Andrew Newberry, Thomas Hague and Paul Oldroyd. hree directors are stepping down from the TPT trustee board: Colin SmallRichard Stroud and Maggie Roger.

Newberry and Hague join as member-nominated directors. Newbury is a recently retired chartered accountant. Hague is currently employed by Procure Plus Holdings, a consortia that serves the social housing market and has been a director for the £1.5bn Pilkington Superannuation Scheme. Oldroyd joined TPT’s board as an employer-nominated director, nominated by Guinness Partnership, one of the largest affordable housing and care providers in the UK, where he was a director until his retirement in April 2017. Oldroyd is currently a trustee of Tandem Group Pension Plan. T