Dutch healthcare pension fund PFZW said it is developing a pilot to enable self-employed workers in the cultural sector to voluntarily join mandatory industry-wide pension schemes, in order to accrue a regular second-pillar pension.

It announced that the initiative had been taken at the request of workers and employers in the cultural sector – where incomes often fluctuate – and that the social partners were involved in the project.

The principle is that both the worker and the client pay a 6% pensions contribution to the invoiced amount on a 50/50 basis.

At year-end, the pensions contribution is to be converted into pension rights at PFZW.

In order to enable self-employed accruing a pension at a mandatory sector scheme, the current pensions legislation needs to be adjusted.

Peter Borgdorff, director of PFZW, said the scheme is discussing the necessary changes with the ministries of social affairs and finance.

He said he had high hopes that the healthcare scheme can carry out the pilot, which is scheduled to start in 2021.

The pensions agreement between the government and the social partners includes the intention to create options for “adequate” pensions saving for the self-employed.

According to Borgdorff, social affairs’ minister Wouter Koolmees was pleased with the initiative.