POLAND - Pioneer has come out as the leading pension fund company in the fledgling Polish pensions system, posting the highest returns over two years to July this year of 29.554%.

It was closely followed by DOM (28.737%) and Polsat (26.975%) with Commercial Union coming in fourth with figures of 24.951%.

However, four firms came in below the weighted average of 22.097, including insurance giants AIG and Zurich and domestic players Zlota Jesien and Bankowy.

Only Bankowy produced results lower than the minimum required rate of return, requiring them to make up the shortfall.
The figures are collated by the Polish regulator UNFE

The fund results were as follows:

Pioneer 29.554%
DOM 28.737%
Polsat 26.975%
Commercial Union 24.951%
PBK Orzel 24.904%
Ego 23.040%
Pocztylion 22.911%
Skarbiec-Emerytura 22.643%
SAMPO 22.593%
Nationale-Nederlanden Polska 22.562%
Winterthur 22.382%
Zurich 21.752%
Zlota Jesien 16.827%
AIG 12.488%
Bankowy 10.076%