POLAND/NETHERLANDS - The current situation of Dutch insurer Eureko was "a cause for concern for the Polish people" given Eureko's commitment to the Polish market, the Polish Treasury said in a statement

The Dutch insurer had lost both its CFO Roel Wijmenga and its CEO Maarten Dijkshoorn over the last six months. (See earlier IPE article: CEO-less Eureko taps shareholders)

The Polish Treasury noted it had received the news of Eureko's CEO departing as well as media reports about a possible capital increase via shareholders "with great concern".

However, Eureko had dismissed rumours of a pending capital increase as "premature" and noted new information about the company's financial situation will only be made publicly available mid-March.

"Eureko's solvency position meets the requirements as set out by the Dutch Central Bank," the insurer said in a statement.

"On our part, we hope that new board members will be chosen in the near future and that they will exert goodwill and readiness for further conversations about the positive completion of negotiations regarding the privatisation of the Polish national insurer PZU," stated the Treasury.

The ministry stressed it still was seeking a "constructive solution" to the conflict over Eureko's shareholding in PZU.

Talks between the Polish government and Eureko over the privatisation plans were terminated in August last year after a deadline for reaching a compromise had expired. (See earlier IPE story: Eureko says yet to resolve PZU dispute)