DENMARK - Investment consultancy Kirstein Finans has put out a call on behalf of two Danish pension funds, using IPE-Quest, for equity managers interesting in managing emerging markets and Asia-Pacific mandates.

Details of Quest 885 reveals Kirstein Finans is advising two Danish pension funds on their search for a global emerging markets equity manager for a mandate worth at least $147m (€100m), but notes state the amount invested "can potentially increase sharply".

Kirstein is clear to point out multi-manager providers need not apply, and the funds are looking for actively-managed core all-cap or large-cap investments - steering clear of small to- mid-cap.

Assets will be benchmarked to the MSCI emerging markets index, irrespective of style, although the fund has also indicated it requires a neutral stance over time with some willingness to accept style biases and performance must also be stated to December 31, 2007.

At the same time, Kirstein is also advising two Danish funds on their search for an Asia-Pacific (ex-Japan) manager able to handle a $29m (€20m) mandate.

Notes attached to Quest886 state funds are willing to consider emerging markets and Far East products, but the mandate will be for a long-only core all-cap or large-cap assets actively-managed product and multi-managers are of no interest.

Funds will be benchmarked to the MSCI AC Asia ex Japan index or other relevant indices.

Closing date for both tenders is January 24.

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