GERMANY – Allianz’s asset management arms DBI and Allianz Dresdner Asset Management have received a “very good” rating from RCP & Partners.

Wiesbaden-based asset management rating firm RCP said the divisions rated “2” in a scale of one to six, with one excellent and six insufficient.

The rating is similar to RCP’s previous rating of the division, conducted in 2001, before Dresdner merged with insurer Allianz. RCP has since simplified its rating method.

“The integration of the asset management units of both groups following the Allianz/Dresdner merger gives a sound and stable impression,” RCP said.

RCP said the merged entity “has arrived at a clear management structure” boosted by the transfer of some functions such as portfolio management and infrastructure to DIT.

RCP has also published a new rating on Nordea Investment Management. NIM receives a “2-“ or “very good” assessment, again similar to its previous rating in 2001. “NIM is soundly capitalised and has been profitable during its brief time of legal independence,” RCP said.

It added that the management team, while comparatively young, has long experience.

RCP currently has ratings for 10 European asset managers.