UK - Redington is to partner with eVestment Alliance to "enhance" its manager research, the company has said.

Speaking with IPE, Pete Drewienkiewicz, the consultancy's head of manager research, said its in-house team had so far been happy with its analysis and delivery of data, but that the collection and organisation of data had been difficult.

"eVestment allows us to have a much more scalable proposition to collect and organise the data," he said.

Drewienkiewicz said it was a "step that became necessary" as clients enquired about a wider range of investment approaches, although he said the advice was often still centred around risk management, an area for which the consultancy has become known.

He added that some clients were now re-risking, requiring them to offset that against the liability risk side of the balance sheet.

"Examples have been looking at a wider range of low-valued credit assets across diversified pools of what we believe to be less correlated credit assets - going down the credit spectrum from the very highly rated to the less well rated and also going from a UK focus to looking at a more global basis, at emerging markets as well," he said.

However, he said the company did not have any concerns about sterling credit over the long term, but that currently desired returns were more difficult to find.

Drewienkiewicz noted that eVestment was established in examining alternative asset classes and hedge funds, and that the skills would "certainly" be useful in future.

However, he said the biggest value would stem from its data on emerging markets.