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ESG: The long quest for comparable data

November 2019 (Magazine)By

A growing band of institutional investors and other financial actors is seeking better and more comparable inputs to financials statements in areas like carbon emissions

derk welling

Risk metrics jigsaw

November 2019 (Magazine)By Elisabeth Jeffries

Moves to promote useful climate risk disclosure among companies are hampered by highly variable risk metrics and a lack of cohesive standards 

hemione hudson

Brydon Review: Call for deeper, wider audits

November 2019 (Magazine)By Elisabeth Jeffries

UK review reveals stakeholders would like more information on company prospects and risks

high esg issuers have been shown to outperform low esg ones

Credit Ratings: Good credit, bad behaviour?

November 2019 (Magazine)By

Rating agencies and asset managers are starting to integrate ESG in bond portfolios