The asset pool of Europe’s leading 1000 retirement funds now exceeds €7.22trn – a 2.49% increase over last year’s 4.45%.

The figures in this supplement were compiled by IPE in summer 2018. The primary sources are the individual annual reports of pension entities, with some data form supervisors or associations. Further figures have been provided directly by entities or sponsors. In most cases we quote the latest balance sheet, investment assets or IFRS plan assets figure available in each case for the stated date, which is in most cases 31 December 2017. 

The figures relate to retirement assets invested for beneficiaries in dedicated occupational pension funds, funded first-pillar schemes, sovereign funds and similar entities. Where the pension fund is a separate legal entity, we most often quote its legal name; in other cases, including for clarity and brevity, the name of the sponsor is used.

As many listed companies do not disaggregate their pension assets between countries, where we have relied on corporate reporting of pension plan assets in annual reports we have usually quoted a figure for domestic pension assets for the company concerned, but in some cases a global figure.

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Aggregate pension assets for individual countries were sourced from the OECD’s Pension Funds in Figures update, published in June 2018. This is among the most recent consolidated datasets for total pension fund assets at the end of 2017. All funded plans, irrespective of how they are financed, are included in the ‘pension fund’ category, according to the OECD. The figures are preliminary and could be amended in later releases by the OECD. 

The other figures in our report have been sourced from the OECD’s 2017 Pension Markets Focus and Pensions at a Glance reports, and refer to 2016. Working population figures were sourced from the World Bank database. The Mercer 2018 EU Asset Allocation Survey was used for aggregate asset allocation data unless otherwise specified. 

All the country reports included in the Top 1000 Pension Fund supplement can be accessed here. For full data see the September 2018 print issue of IPE, or contact Emma Morgan-Jones ( for a range of purchase options.

Liam Kennedy, Editor, IPE

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