NETHERLANDS – Robeco Alternative Investments has launched a multi market bond fund aimed at offering investors risk diversification.

Robeco Multi Market Bonds is an international offering in two currency classes, euros and US dollars, and is primarily aimed at private clients, small asset managers and high net worth individuals. 290 million euros has already been raised which “demonstrates the demand for alternative investment products”, says Robeco. The client money was raised primarily in Europe and Asia, and through the intermediation of over 30 distribution partners.

The underlying investments of the fund are well diversified over various markets and asset classes, including not only equities and bonds, but also currencies, commodities, base and precious metals, agricultural and energy products, through the use of various financial instruments such as futures and forward contracts.

“The well-diversified portfolio offers risk diversification and a low correlation with equity and bond markets,” says Robeco. The projected annualised return based on historical results over the past 10 years is approximately 15.7% for the euro-denominated bond and 15.2% for the US dollar-denominated bond.

Robeco is the centre for asset management with full operational independence within the Rabobank Group. Robeco Alternative Investments has raised over 3.5 billion euros in alternative assets.