GLOBAL- S&P Fund Services has announced it is to publish asset allocation data for more than 2,200 UK unit trusts, OEICs and offshore funds from the end of the month. The data, available on, will show each fund’s top ten securities by name and percentage, portfolio allocations by industry, country and region and, for fund investing in more than one monetary region, currency allocations.

Towards the end of June S&P will begin publishing data for funds investing in fixed interest that will include the qualitative breakdowns of portfolio holdings in each S&P ratings class and the duration of the various portfolio holdings.

From the outset the database will cover 784 single share class UK unit trusts and OEICs, 897 Luxembourg funds and 546 offshore funds. Thereafter the data will be updated and extended quarterly.

S&P says investors and their advisors will be able to compare the holdings and weightings of different funds in a given sector. It maintains that investors will be able to see which managers best correlate with their preferred investments.