SGGS goes for UK

SG Global Security Services (GSS), part of SG”s banking services division, is now offering UK sub-custody and international clearing and custody services worldwide from London, This operation is designed to meet the needs of institutional investors for both UK and international custody services in more than 70 countries
Yannick Chagnon head of global securities services says “with the installation of our new software platform, we are now able to compete with the major players in the UK market.”
The UK sub-custody service, multi-direct clearing and custody (MDCC), provides a range of custody services in the UK market for non-UK residents, including settlement, asset servicing and proxy voting. It has direct links to CREST and CMO and offers ful STP and real time transaction status. SGSS, also offers sub-custody in France, Greece, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland and the US.

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