SWEDEN – Skandia Insurance has elected three new directors to the board at its annual general meeting (AGM), Oonagh McDonald, Clas Reuterskiöld and Günter Rexrodt.

The committee also recommended that the chief executive officer, Lars-Eric Petersson, be re-elected as a director.

McDonald, living in London, is currently a management consultant and board member of several professional organisations. She is also a former academic, a member of the UK parliament and director of the Financial Services Authority.

Reuterskiöld is director of several major Swedish companies and currently retiring from his position as president and chief executive officer of a Swedish investment company, Industrivärden.

Rexrodt, living in Berlin, is a member of the Bundestag German parliament, and a former minister of economics. He has also worked for the German Chamber of Commerce, Citibank and Treuhandanstalt.