Skandia, Scandinavia’s largest insurance company, has just launched a global mutual fund company, Skandia Global Funds (SGF). SGF hopes to leverage off Skandia’s worldwide businesses to offer a fund family comprising of 20 sub funds, with the intention of increasing up to 30 by the end of the year.
SGF will offer mutual funds across different asset classes, industries, countries, company sizes and investment types. The sub-advised offshore funds will be available in over 20 countries, distributed through Skandia’s own network. SGF will have operations in Conneticut, London and Hong Kong. Says Christian Thwaites, CEO for Skandia Global Funds, “when looking to add funds to the range, we will research what our market wants and outsource to an investment manager.
“Skandia pioneered the ‘managing the managers’ concept and we will rigorously monitor managers to ensure they continue to meet our objectives and expectations.”
The funds are Dublin domiciled. Skandia has $95bn (E96bn) assets under management