SWEDEN – Almost one third (32%) of Swedish pension savers think that they are going to get only half, or even less, of their premium (PPM) and state pensions when they retire, according to a study by Stockholm based Sifo Research & Consulting.

“ We know that many people are worried about how high their pension is going to be.
“ Sifo’s study shows, for example, that 32% of those surveyed think that they are going to get half or even less of their premium and state pensions,” says Pär Bäckman, head of marketing at Robur.
“ It is in many ways a justified worry, which emphasises the importance of the premium pension. An active PPM choice, topped with a private pension is the best chance of raising one’s pension,” he adds.

The survey also shows that a majority of Swedish pension savers who made an active PPM choice last autumn have forgotten the funds they chose.
According to the report, 73% of active contributors can name none or only a couple of their funds, while 41% cannot name a single one. Geographical, age and income differences do not seem to make a difference in being able to name the funds one has invested in, says the research.

“ I think that so many people have forgotten their fund choices because they are unaccustomed to this type of choice. But it is also a sign of people not understanding the meaning of premium pensions. Despite all the media attention, many are uncertain when facing the premium pension choice,” says Pär Bäckman, head of marketing at Robur.

Currently, two thirds (66%) of scheme members are not thinking of changing funds at all and 22% say that they will be thinking of switching assets to other funds in the future.

Around 1,000 people between 20-62 were interviewed for the survey, which was commissioned by fund manager Robur, a subsidiary of FöreningsSparbanken (Swedbank).